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Wellington's Superior Tow Truck Service


  • Without high overheads we are able to provide one of the best priced towing services in the region. 

  • We take exceptional attention to ensure your vehicle is carefully loaded and transported to prevent any damage.

  • Experienced in towing precious vintage and high value vehicles. 

  • D Taylor's Towing is a small family owned business so you will receive prompt and personalised service. 

  • With a lifelong interest and significant experience in cars we are often able to diagnose breakdowns. 

  • Having numerous partnerships with other motor vehicle service businesses throughout wellington region, we can guide you to the best repair services specific to your needs. 


  • Breakdowns

  • Accidents,

  • Flat batteries,

  • Punctures

  • Transport of new and used vehicle purchases

  • Transport of vehicles for repairs and detailing

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